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My views on the election, the media, and some actual good news

After a couple weeks off, I'm back with my thoughts on the battle for the presidency and some of the tactics being employed.As well, I talk about the bias in the media and the verbiage they use with my thoughts on a couple of particular examples.And, just because I'm sick of all the bad news out there, I discuss a number of good news stories - believe it or not they do exist.

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Criminal Justice Reform with Mike Lawlor

Criminal justice reform doesn't mean soft on crime.Real reform actually reduces crime.Today we talk to Mike Lawlor who's been a deputy sheriff, a state prosecutor, a public defender, a private attorney, a state legislator and a governor's criminal justice advisor.He's dedicated his career to finding effective ways to 1) prevent crime from happening and 2) reforming those in the criminal justice system so they are better citizens on the other side. Produced by Tracey Andruscavage.

A Summary of My Thoughts on Covid

After living through five months of covid, and after interviewing various doctors and others, here is a summary of my (politically neutral) views regarding the pandemic.

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Dr. Pierre Kory on Why the MATH+ Covid-19 Protocol is Saving Lives

Listen as Dr. Pierre Kory gives his rebuttal to the editor of the New England Journal of Medicine who insulted him in a New York Times Magazine article published just before this interview. He also describes the lunacy of many in the medical community NOT using drugs and medications that have been proven safe and efficacious in treating very similar diseases to Covid-19, and why doing a double-blind randomized trial on the MATH+ protocol would be unethical. What is the MATH+ protocol, who are the doctors behind it, and why is it saving lives? And when should you go to the hospital if you have CV-19, and what can you do to try and get the protocol used on you?

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