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Is Covid19 a cover for something bigger? And some good news.

My point of view on what's going on with Covid19 (that's all I have to give you). Is there a bigger power play happening across the planet that Covid19 is playing cover for? What areas of information being released to us are likely to be suppressed as we all continue to be hunkered down across the country? And some good news that points to things improving.

The $2.2 trillion CV19 rescue package - a close look at what's in it

The House proposed one rescue package, the Senate a different one.How did they differ?What dollar amounts did the house want that the Senate eliminated, and vice-versa?What oversight did the taxpayers have over it all?I interview Adam Andrzejewski, CEO of, who reveals what his team found from scouring the full 800 pages of text.He names specific outlays to organizations that seem to have nothing to do with helping us get through the CV19 crisis.

Is the Constitution being violated with government shelter-in-place orders?

My guest is Constitutional expert, Professor Robert Natelson, who discusses how the Constitution is supposed to work in a time of crisis, what power it gives the Federal Government (and restrictions), and if the stay-at-home orders being issues across the country are Constitutional...and much more.

Covid19 - the economic impact and some good news

An analysis of the news we're getting, the economic impact headed our way, and some positive news from around the world (yep, there is some).