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Exposing the crazy high salaries of public officials

All public spending in the U.S. at the national, state and local level is public record. And the Freedom of Information Act helps the regular citizen get copies of those public records. So Adam Andrzejewski put together which simply gathers all spending from national, state, and local governments and puts them online for the world to see. In this episode, Adam reveals some of the craziest salaries being earned by public officials, and the pensions they live off of for the rest of their lives. Produced by Tracey Andruscavage.

Truth about CV19 from a natural doctor, and how to improve your immune system

You definitely won't get this information from the mainstream media.Today I interview Dr. Jared Roscoe who has both medical school training as well as being trained in natural medicine, and he shares with us his view of what's happening.Is CV19 real, a hoax, are we being sold a bill of goods? He answers that, and also reveals the hundred year lie that we've all fallen for.He gives suggestions on how to improve our health, improve our gut biome, and our immunity.If ever there was a time to look at improving our health, now is certainly the time.

Why I feel our government (at all levels) has failed us during CV19

This one's been building up inside of me for some time and today it boiled over on air.I don't think the corona virus is a hoax; I think it's real. And in the end, we'll see how dangerous it proves to be.But the government's response - at all levels - to this emergency has been short-sighted in the extreme. To save the patient's right hand, they've reduced his oxygen levels by 95% and cut off all nourishment. Does that sound like a rational treatment to you?I lay out my point of view in steps, building to my conclusion at the end. WARNING:today's show is not for the light of heart.

Two guys, armed with truth, caused over 400 public officials to flee office

Two guys, looking to mind their own business, were lied to by their local elected officials. They decided to get to the truth using a simple procedure available to anyone thanks to the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA). They then confronted those officials and sparks flew. Since then, in the short span of about five years, simply using publicly documented information (available to anyone), they've caused over 400 public officials to flee office. Learn how they're doing it, and how you too can utilize their methods if needed in your local area. Produced by Tracey Andruscavage.

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