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An entire city racing to reuse all waste and creating jobs as a result

What to do with all the waste we produce?How about bring a bunch of entrepreneurs together and offer to give them the waste (think raw materials to make other products) at no cost? How about the city sponsor free fix-it days, where experts volunteer their time to fix anything you bring in - for free!?The city of Austin, Texas, is leading the way with these ideas and more with the goal of repurposing as much waste as possible while building up a vibrant, dynamic entrepreneurial business community that creates valuable jobs - a real win for all involved. Listen as I interview Gena McKinley, who heads up this successful program for the city of Austin.

Four key things to put in place for better health with Dr. Jared Roscoe

Dr. Jared Roscoe lets loose with what he's learned from helping patients and goes into detail regarding four key things we can all do to improve our health. He also explains the key differences between the natural medicine approach to healing versus the pharmaceutical approach, and the biggest obstacle we all face in trying to keep ourselves healthy in our modern world. Dr. Roscoe goes into detail on gut health and what leaky gut syndrome is all about (and is it actually real?) He names his favorite supplement brands and goes into detail on what scientific discovery changed his view of why we get ill (and how he's using that information to heal his patients).

The year past, the year ahead, the food industry, the Fed, and some tips

A year-end look back, and forward into 2020. Topics include my thoughts on the food industry, the right way to eat for health, the national deficit, the Federal Reserve's new quantitative easing program that no one is talking about, why the stock market is at an all-time high and probably will go higher, my favorite sources of information, and the crazy story of a guy who got a bone marrow transplant and how the donor's DNA took over.

One woman, a bright idea, and 20,000 trees planted across a city

Who says one person can't make a difference? Mindy Maslin took a job with the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society to teach kids about trees. She then turned that into organizing and training people to take care of the trees in their own neighborhood, and added a tree planting component as well. Over 26 years, 5200 people have graduated from her Tree Tenders program and 20,000 trees have been planted by citizens. And so what's the big deal about trees? They create a more pleasant environment to live in, they provide habitat for animals, they give shade, and studies have shown they even help reduce ADD in kids! One person can make a difference - and so can you. Have a listen on how she did it.