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Treating disease using your own stem cells

About a decade ago I flew with a friend to Ecuador so she could receive a stem cell treatment not legal in the U.S. in an attempt to save her kidneys. Within six months of that treatment, her doctors announced she no longer needed dialysis and her kidney function had returned to near normal.Today I interview Matt Feshbach, CEO of Ambrose Cell Therapy, who details why the FDA is now allowing stem cell treatment to be done in the U.S., what the different methods of treatment are, and what to look for when trying to find a treatment center. Produced by Tracey Andruscavage.

Revisiting the Kent State Shootings 50 years later

The National Guard fired on Kent State College students who were peaceably gathering on May 4, 1970. Four students died, nine were wounded. Today I talk a local reporter by the name of Robert Giles who worked at the Beacon Journal in nearby Akron, Ohio. The owner of the paper had a dictum: "Get the truth and print it." And that's what Robert and others at the paper did which resulted in them exposing extensive government lies and winning a Pulitzer Prize. In this interview, Robert discusses what they were faced with in bringing forth the truth. Produced by Tracey Andruscavage.

Protecting kids from the dark web, common core, and abuse

A hard-core interview with Dr. Steven Webb who has been the superintendent of his local school district for 21 years and a police officer for over a decade. He lays out what he's found as the biggest dangers to our kids today, and how the pandemic has only made it more dangerous for kids who now have lots of time unsupervised at home. He explains what the dark web is, how kids access it and what symbols to watch for on their screen to know they're on it. He also explains other dangers kids now face since schools were forced to close. Dr. Webb also gives a strong, practical assessment of the failings of common core, and what the most important thing a parent can do for their child. Produced by Tracey Andruscavage.

Trying to better understand the protests (and looting)

Today I interview Reverend Fred Shaw who is an executive for his local chapter of the NAACP, the international spokesperson for a human rights organization, and a former sheriff's deputy. Reverend Shaw lays out why the protests are going on at the magnitude they are, why the looting is taking place (and his opinion if it's justifiable) and what very clear message he got from the video of Derek Chauvin kneeling on the neck of George Floyd. He also clearly explains the root cause of all the chaos and what's needed for things to change. Produced by Tracey Andruscavage.

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