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My thoughts on Bernie, Elizabeth, the deficit, geniuses and the Boy Scouts

If you've ever wanted to know where I stand on socialism and the anti-corporate climate that seems to be growing steam in our country, this is the show for you.Also, the president's chief of staff's comment about the budget deficit that gave me hope (and might get him fired), what I'm reading and my book recommendations, and my thoughts on the recent news that the Boy Scouts declared bankruptcy.

The inspiration behind President's move to stop wasteful government spending

Adam Andrzejewski sold his business and decided to use the profits he earned to start a nonprofit to expose wasteful government spending at the city, state and federal levels. As he says, "We shine the white-hot spotlight on spending, and the rats flee." And his creation helped inspire an entire chapter in the President's proposed budget for 2021 entitled: STOPPING WASTEFUL AND UNNECESSARY SPENDING. Hear why he took on this challenge, and the incredible and outrageous expenditures and overspending they've revealed, and what the fallout has been. Visit his site at Produced by Tracey Andruscavage.

The Iowa caucus debacle, Nancy Pelosi, coronavirus, impeachment, the economy, NASA, and more

So what the heck happened in Iowa, and who was behind it? Why might Pete Buttigieg give Nancy Pelosi a big Christmas present this year? The NYTimes surveyed people on what they thought of the impeachment and you might be surprised by their answers. And, great news for NASA lovers, an update on the coronavirus, my thoughts on the economy and what you should be doing to secure yourself for what's surely coming, and more.

Kobe, coronavirus, Brexit, Amazon, Bezos and lightning strikes

You may or may not know that I used to work in security at a high level - one of the careers I've had.And it's from that perspective I make my comments on the alternate reality we are living in today that has Kobe, his daughter, her friends, their parents, and a pilot no longer with us.I have a strong point of view on this.And what made Kobe stand out amongst all pro players, and how Walt Disney, and the Warner Brothers fit into it.I also talk about the coronavirus (and why a recent article in The NY Times raised red flags for me), the conclusion of Brexit, and the Iowa Caucuses, and more (along various tangents of course).