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Our country's problems solved through simple Libertarian principles

I need to warn you, there is a severe amount of common sense in today's show so listen at your own peril. Judge Jim Gray, the 2012 Libertarian candidate for Vice President, gives some of the best answers I've ever had on my show to so many of our country's problems. And he relates how Thomas Jefferson fits into the Libertarian conversation, and how a Libertarian would approach school choice, the war on drugs, war powers, and much more. The Judge also reveals what he thinks takes down our country (if we don't do something about it). A very enjoyable, hopeful conversation…for a change. Produced by Tracey Andruscavage.

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The effective therapeutics that could potentially end the pandemic

Today I review the proven positive therapeutic treatments that are effective against the virus that causes CV-19 and that also helps prevent death from the massive immune response to it. These therapeutics include steroids, blood thinners, Ivermectin, and various vitamins. All shown effective in US hospitals over the last 8 months, and in trial data. And if adopted broadly, would likely end the pandemic as we know it, allowing the country to open back up.

Potential solution to ending the pandemic - I-MASK+ and MATH+

Dr. Paul Marik and his colleagues have isolated a very old and safe drug called Ivermectin as the potential CV-19 virus killer we've been looking for, and if used on a broad scale could end the pandemic in short order.This supposition is based on both real-world use of the drug as well as newly released clinical trials.Dr. Marik and colleagues at have developed a new protocol called I-MASK+ to complement their in-hospital protocol they've been using for seven months called MATH+.On today's show - a short overview of the three phases of CV-19 and an interview with Dr. Marik regarding Ivermectin.

Is the Nomination and Confirmation of Judge Barrett Constitutional?

Noted constitutional scholar, Professor Rob Natelson, explains what the Constitution says about the president nominating a Supreme Court justice just before an election, and the Senate voting on it. And he has something strong to say about the argument that we should have had a centralized response to the pandemic from the White House.

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