Eliminating the Electoral College - good or bad idea?

Probably one of the most misunderstood parts of our election process is the Electoral College.

Many want to eliminate it because it just seems to go against our American system to have someone win the popular vote, but LOSE the election as happened to Hillary Clinton and Al Gore.

But the Founders put it in place for very specific reasons which had nothing to do with slavery, or that they mistrusted democracy.

And now there is a movement called the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact - heard of it?

Well, 16 states have signed on.

The idea is that every state in the Compact agree to cast their electoral votes to whatever candidate wins the popular vote for president.

If enough states did this, it would basically eliminate the Electoral College.

But would this violate the Constitution (which put the Electoral College in place)?

Would it be good for the country?

And what the heck is the point of the Electoral College anyway?

Professor Rob Natelson walks us through all the issues and explains very clearly why the Founders put the Electoral College in place, and whether or not it has relevance in our modern society.

As the electoral college is the way your president is elected, you might want to understand it as best you can, and decide for yourself whether we should keep it or not regardless of your party affiliation.

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