Predicting CV-19 outbreaks with crazy accuracy 18-21 days in advance

We have early warning systems for tsunamis, tornadoes, foreign invasion and even earthquakes.So why don't we have one for outbreaks?Today I interview Inder Singh, the CEO of Kinsa Health, who has developed a truly remarkable way to know, in real time, where outbreaks are happening 18-21 days before they’re known to the CDC, before hospitals start seeing a surge, and before we read about it in the press.A tested, proven, validated early warning system down to the county level that could identify with precision where more restricted measures are needed to slow the spread, instead of the broad, general government restrictions we're being subjected to today. So why doesn’t the government embrace it? Listen to what Mr. Singh has to say about it.

Produced by Tracey Andruscavage.

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